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CWJC is Volunteer Powered!

Each year our volunteers provide approximately 5000 hours. If you are interested in volunteering, we have a place for you:

There is a place for YOU to be involved:

  • Teacher
  • Meal Provider
  • Mentor
  • Administrative Support
  • Fund-raising
  • Financial Contributor
  • Prayer Team

Apply now using the form below or swing by our office to fill out a paper application!

Volunteer Spotlight - Virginia Graham

When did you first begin volunteering with Christian Women’s Job Corps and what led you to that decision?

I began volunteering with CWJC by bringing meals in the early years (early 2000’s) when the CWJC building was on Junction Highway. I had learned about the CWJC ministry before CWJC Kerr County was formed and was very excited about it being started in Kerrville, so I wanted to be able to hang out there a little….so I had to volunteer. I wanted to see how it worked and what it was like and get to know the women the ministry served.

Explain the different volunteering positions you have done.

In the earlier years, I brought meals and also served as a mentor. In 2010, I was no longer working in my husband’s office and a good friend told me she thought I would love being more involved at CWJC and she asked me to assist her in the Healthy Relationships class. I have been helping with that class since then and still am to this day. That fall of 2010 I was invited to serve on the board and served from January 2011 through December 2016 and then again from January 2019 to the present. I served as treasurer during 2013-2014 and president during 2015 – 2016 and 2020 – 2021.I also love helping with the style show, folding newsletters, helping with events, working in the kitchen, and just about anything there is to do. It is a joyful place to be as you work with women who love Jesus and love the women the ministry serves.

What has been your favorite position and why?

If I could only be involved in one way, it would be in the classroom with the interns we serve. Being a part of the Healthy Relationships class gives me the blessing of getting to know the women and a front row seat to seeing how God works to give them hope and an understanding of who He is and how to live their lives following Him and His ways and plans for them. The friendships that develop from knowing the women are priceless.

What changes have you seen during the time you have been with CWJC?

The effectiveness of the ministry just grows and grows. In 2006, the vision of a style show was given to a board member and that event has highlighted the work God does in the women’s lives, and therefore, the community has become increasingly aware of the ministry and supportive of it.Through the years, the ministry has grown in its cooperation with other local ministries and businesses. The move to the current location in 2008 was a big change that provided room for alumnae meetings and more classes and events. The needs of women continue to be significant, and we believe we are seeing an increase in the depth of trauma some women are suffering. CWJC is seeking to find more ways to meet their needs and whatever change that may require.

What has your experience at CWJC taught you or changed you?

My experiences at CWJC have shown me over and over how powerful and lifechanging God is and how His love and His Word transform lives. I have learned how deep, deep wounds can be healed and how a woman with no hope can be given hope and confidence. I have been touched deeply by how they open their hearts and minds and share among each other and encourage each other and me. They teach me and I’m humbled by the dependence on God that I see develop in them. I receive incredible joy from my time at CWJC with the women. I know that I trust Him more because I have seen Him work in their lives.

What would you tell those that might be considering a volunteer position at CWJC?

You will love it!!! Ask God if CWJC is where He wants to you serve. I see CWJC as one of the most effective ministries I have ever been involved with. If He calls you to it, you can’t imagine how exciting it will be.

Ways to Volunteer

Prayer Team

Each participant, mentor, volunteer, and teacher needs ongoing prayer support.


Critical to the success of each woman enrolled in CWJC is the support they receive through a personal mentor who serves as a friend, encourager and spiritual supporter. Mentor training is provided.

Bible Teachers

One element that sets CWJC apart from other training programs is daily in-depth Bible study conducted by volunteer teachers.


Leaders are needed to teach basic life skills and job readiness classes such as budgeting, appropriate dress, interview skills and computer.


Suitable employment for the women must be found once they have completed their training. Please contact us to interview our graduates for job openings you have.


Assistance is needed in providing lunch for the class each day during the 12-week session, providing administrative support, helping with special events (including graduation and our annual spring style show), providing items for our food pantry as well as professional clothing closet and/or personal needs basket, providing financial support.

Financial Contributions

Participants often need childcare, transportation, haircuts, career clothes, eyeglasses, dental work, etc. You may help by providing these services or by providing financial support for these services.

Together we share in the love & joy of Christ!

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